Thursday, November 8, 2007

Basic Grey Figgy

You would never believe how long I worked on this card. Determined to use my new Basic Grey Figgy, I stamped and colored a bee-utiful poinsettia from Northwoods stamps . . . picked out the paper, matched my Copics to the paper, colored two poinsettias so I'd have one to layer . . . cut out and layered the flower, matted it in gold metallic . . . . I'm so-o-o-o loving it, right? Right! Until . . . I placed it on my card covered with the Figgy and realized it covered almost the whole frickin' card! Well, I hoard paper anyway, so to splurge and cut three pieces of my cherished Figgy (from the 6x6 pad that only has 1(!) piece of each pattern), and it's not even going to show??!! Nope, ain't happenin'. Back to square 1. So, this is the card I made with the Figgy Pudding card and will now find a way to showcase my Northwoods Poinsettia . . . I could make the card larger (6x6), but that would take 2 more (whole!) pieces of my Figgy = D and most of it still wouldn't show . . . Nope, off to check my scraps . . .
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I do appreciate it and the comments.

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  1. You are just tooo, tooooooo funny!
    Great card by the way. Can't wait to see that poinsetta!


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