Monday, February 4, 2008

Ribbon Storage

I always enjoy seeing crafters' storage solutions, so decided to share one of my own favorites. I adore ribbon . . . . have a difficult time creating a card without it . . . so my ribbon collection is massive. I kid you not. And the best storage idea for me utilizes Cropper Hopper's Embellishment Organizer and Embellishment Boxes. Each organizer holds ninety little embellishment boxes, so ninety different ribbons! I have eight of the totes and group my ribbons by color. I wish I could say I have all my ribbon stored this way, but I have my Stampin' UP! ribbon together in a tray-like holder within reach of my work area and stacks of shoebox style boxes with holes on shelves all crammed full of ribbon. Maybe eventually I can get it all organized in the Cropper Hoppers . . . a girl can dream . . .
I did make a card today and will take a picture of it in the morning. Thank you for stopping by today.

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  1. Massive collection??? ;), ;) giggle, giggle. THAT's an understatement! Just kidding....I'm really just jealous!!!!


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