Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have You Ever Done This?

Edited to add:  The customer chose the top card :D

You flip the piece of double-sided patterned paper that you're working with to add ribbon or adhesive and discover maybe you like the coordinating pattern on the back better? Then being the indecisive individual that you are, cannot decide which side is better suited to your project? So what's a gal to do? Simple . . . make one of each and let the customer decide! This beautiful dp from SEI was the cause of my recent dilemma. Stamp set and die are from PaperTrey Ink. So which card do you think my customer will choose? And which do you prefer? The original design was the top card.

Thank you for the visit today. I have 2 more hot air balloon cards to share later in totally different colors - yellow and gray. And, hopefully, I'll find time to participate in OLW31. Have a great evening all.



  1. Fabo DSP on both!! But I like the first one best!!

  2. Jelly-bellied dork??? Where'd THAT come from?? You so silly, gf!

    BOTH are wonderful and VERY pretty, but since you asked, I think I prefer the first one. I KNOW your customer will love BOTH!

  3. WOW..Awesome card. Loved the coloring of the balloon and the Patterned paper as well. Really pretty.


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