Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Happy Place

I'm posting a few pictures of the stamping area of my craft room. I always enjoy seeing where other people work and thought you might like this.
There is a table behind the stamp area that I bought from Walmart awhile back. It's a good size, and I have 3 stacks of 19 drawers (57) that hold most of my rubber stamps just in front of the table and easily accessible. I really work best with things in sight and at my fingertips. On the back of the door hangs two clear over the door shoe storage bags that I use for punches. If there's any interest, I'll show you my ribbon storage . . .
PS. My room is seldom this straight. In fact, I took these pictures so I could remember what it's suppose to look like : )


  1. My gosh! It's sooo neat! Great pics, girl!

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's neat to see where everyone stamps!

  3. I did leave a comment yesterday but don't know where it went. Anyway Colleen your Happy Place is soooooo neat and organised. No wonder you do such wonderful work.
    I am inpressed. SMILE


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