Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award!

Melissa from Simply Pink nominated me for the You Make Me Smile Award. Thank you Melissa . . . it's my very first tag! I feel like a real blogger now LOL Here's how the award works - link to your tagger's blog, post these rules: Share 7 facts about yourself (random or weird is ok!), tag 7 more people and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged. so here goes . . .

Melissa's blog is here.

My 7 Random Facts: (Prepare to be bored.)

1) I love animals - sometimes more than people - and cannot bear to hear of any animal being abused. If the news starts to report a story about a case of animal cruelty, I have to leave the room or change the channel. It absolutely breaks my heart.

2) My husband and I bought an rv primarily so we can take our cats with us when we travel. (See #1)

3) I've never been on a real diet because I cannot stick to a diet. Anytime I try to lose a few pounds, I usually gain weight instead.

4) I love Pepsi . . . regular Pepsi, not diet, which is why I can never stay on a diet. (See #3). I am a cola snob and prefer to patronize restaurants that serve Pepsi products. Yes, I can definitely tell the difference between cola brands. I would love to have a fountain dispenser in my home. Sick? Yup, I know.

5) I am very small boned. My wedding ring is a size 3 3/4 and a bit too large when it's cold.

6) I love classic rock music. Prince is my favorite.

7) I took piano lessons for several years, but had to sell my piano for lack of space (it was a small baby grand) and don't play very often now.

Now, I tag:

1) Beate (my SU upline) fresh & fun

2) Kristina kwernerdesigns

3) Toni Inkyfingers

5) Lynn Stamperosity

Ok, now I must let these ladies know they've been tagged.

Hugs to all.


  1. First, OH MY GOSH!!!! Beate is your upline?!?! I wish!!! My upline just dropped so I don't even have an immediate one anymore - she has good reasons though (two of them -she's pregnant with TWINS!).

    Second, we are kindred spirits. I saw random fact #1 and thought - someone like me!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to hear some of the things I hear from the news around here, or even to just drive around and see how some people treat their "pets."


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