Friday, December 5, 2008

Belle for Alayna's Birthday

For me, a little time to stamp is worse than no time at all. I get frustrated leaving ideas and projects half complete and would rather not stamp at all. I also do not like feeling that I have to do something. Some intensive therapy would probably reveal that I'm still rebelling against my mother, but I want this blog to be something I enjoy and if it becomes a chore on my to-do list, it's no longer fun. Can anyone relate?

Anyway, I made this card a couple of months ago and just never posted it. I used a Jolee's sticker for Belle, so there's not a lot of originality here. I am working on some other cards and hope to update more frequently. I appreciate your patience and thank you for stopping by today.



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  1. What a cute card! I bet Alayna was thrilled with it!


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