Friday, September 17, 2010

More of the Same.... Almost

like love the card from the previous post, so decided to make a few more but with some variations. I need to make some card sets for Christmas gifts, and these may fit the bill. Sentiment used on the middle card is from River City Rubber Works, the bottom card is from A Muse. I used Stampin' Up! kraft card stock for the card bases, except for the one I screwed up and salvaged it by adding it to a white base.

Now . . . do you see the reverse grid background stamped on these? Isn't it just awesome?!! I have been on the hunt forevah for just such a stamp with no luck so my friend, Carol, made it for me! Can you believe it?! Carved that sucker with her two bare hands, I tell ya! And it is absolutely perfect! It measures a whopping 6x6 (swoon), all the lines are exactly measured and straight, and it stamps beautifully. I am still speechless. Talk about priceless . . . Consider this fair warning - you'll be seeing a lot of cards using this background. Mucho thanks, Carol! You're the bestest.

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  1. Awwww, shucks!
    Really, really pretty cards....perfect for gift sets! Thanks for the kind words! You're the bestest!

  2. Love the grid and the cards. What wonderful Christmas gifts they will make!


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