Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Projects That Have Been Keeping Me Busy

This evening I want to share pictures of some purses that I made recently. The inspiration for these came when my friend, Carol, and I were shopping at a rubber stamp store and spotted the cutest little paper purse. With no information or templates available, we studied the original, changed the buckle, added a "name plate" and tweaked a couple of things to come up with our own version of that purse. At my craft sales, I had a prototype that I took orders from, and I sold a purse with a set of six cards for $35. The first purse went to a dear friend for her birthday. I did not get pictures of every purse or the card sets for each, but here are a few. Some of the pictures were taken before I added the buttons to the front. (PS: The front pocket is a perfect place for a book of stamps.) I tried to coordinate the cards somewhat to the purses without making them too labor intensive. It's been a lot of fun making these and seeing the reactions of my customers, but I'm anxious to get back to participating in challenges and catching up on my blog surfing (blurfing?), so hope to get more regular in my posts again soon. Thank you for your patience. Please forgive the mixed up photos. Blogger is playing games with me tonight.



  1. Cute, cute, cute! Stinkin' adorable!

  2. Those are the cutest thing. Love the gift idea!

  3. Hi Colleen I am back after a long vacation. So haven't been on line. However I love your bags and will have to have a go at making these. They are soooo cute and adorable.

  4. These are wonderful. I have left you a blog award on my blog. Don't worry if you don't 'do' blog awards. I know some people don't, but I wanted to include you because your blog is lovely.


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